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Throwaway Style

The Exploding Hearts

Throwaway Style by The Exploding Hearts

One of my biggest rock n’ roll regrets is not going out to the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on July 17, 2003 to see the The Exploding Hearts. This concert turned out to be the band’s last show as three of the four members were killed in a car accident on their way back to Portland a few days later. The Exploding Hearts put out one fine record, Guitar Romantican album that reminds me of a better (infinitely more listenable) version of Green Day’s Kerplunk. The track above is a demo version of “Throwaway Style,” one of the catchiest songs on their one and only album. The Exploding Hearts weren’t reinventing the wheel with their sound, but their take on power pop punk was one of the finest I’d ever heard. I wish I’d seen them in concert that night and, more importantly, I wish their van had never overturned.