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Poison Arrow

Screaming Females

Poison Arrow by Screaming Females

This is the first single from the Screaming Female’s upcoming cassette-only EP, Chalk Tape. And here’s the band’s description of this limited edition EP:

"Chalk Tape" is a home recording project that we undertook over the course of the last year. After the process of writing, preparing for, and recording Ugly, we wanted to take on a completely different project. The writing process for SF is totally organic. We get together and jam until something interesting happens. For Chalk Tape we decided to challenge ourselves by taking the complete opposite approach. For these songs, we started by creating a list of musical ideas which we wrote down on a chalk board in our practice space (aka Grandma’s basement). We attacked each of these ideas and quickly recorded them with absolutely no rewrites. I think the result is exciting and quite different from all our other output.