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The Tower

Wye Oak

This is the first single from Wye Oak’s upcoming record Shriek. The Baltimore duo have gone in a synth-based direction on this album, an unfortunate turn after their guitar-heavy (and largely brilliant) previous record Civilian. Mid-tempo synth rock in a festival setting beneath the desert sun? Not sure how this is supposed to work at Coachella.

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The City

The Dismemberment Plan

Emergency & I was one of the records that perfectly suited the stage in life I was in when it was released in 1999. Songs about mid-20s angst served as my soundtrack as I drove to my shitty temp jobs and saw my friends cycle in and out as life took them to different cities. Still one of my favorite records of all time, Emergency & I should be required listening for anyone who has started to realize that adulthood can sometimes feel like a series of disappointments piled one on top of the other.

"Sometimes I stand on my roof at night / And watch, as something seems to happen somewhere else / I feel like the breeze will pick me up and carry me away / Out and over this iridescent grid / Up and away from the bar fights and neon lights / Out and away from everything that makes me what I am / So I’m not unsympathetic / I see why you left / There’s no one to know / There’s nothing to do / The city’s been dead / Since you’ve been gone”

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Following Through

The Dismemberment Plan

Fast forward 6 years to Change, The Dismemberment Plan’s last record before their nearly decade long hiatus, and you hear a fully mature band that doesn’t rely on noise to conceal the occasional absence of a melody that characterized their first two records ! and Is Terrified. For the sake of comparison I’m posting another break-up song to highlight their lyrical and musical growth.

"I dishonor the past / Being so loose with my time / I could stand accused of high crimes / In the court of the dead / And I could be next / On a page about to turn soon / So I’m movin’ my ass at high noon / You heard what I said / I could say I hope I’m not misread, but that’s all right / I’m quite okay with losing that fight / I can do it anywhere with anyone at anytime don’t you forget / This is my life and it’s going to be good, don’t you know / Not a promise or a threat or an ultimatum, though I can do that too / I’m just telling you, I’ve got this life I’ve got to live / I’m just following through”

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If I Don't Write

The Dismemberment Plan

The Dismemberment Plan’s debut record, succinctly titled !, was a spotty collection of songs. This 1995 album was clearly the work of a young band who had yet to figure itself out. However, the elements that made The Plan one of late 90s most influential indie bands were already there - Travis Morrison’s clever wordplay, Jason Caddell’s caustic guitar licks, Joe Easley’s frenetic drumming, and Eric Axelson’s melodic bass lines. These elements would develop and combine in a more rewarding manner on their subsequent records, but a few songs on ! (like the post-punk break-up tune “If I Don’t Write”) gave a preview of the brilliance that was to come.

There’s not much more to discuss / There’s you and me but there’s no us / So if you would just get out of the way / I’m not sure where I’m going to go / What I’ll do but this I know / That if I don’t write then I’m OK”

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Another reason why children are assholes - they neither recognize nor appreciate the game changer that was The Walkman.

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Here Comes Your Man

The Pixies

Are we allowed to call them the Pixies if Kim Deal isn’t playing with them? By the way, this song is about a homeless drifter on a train, so aging hipsters please refrain from playing this at your commitment ceremonies.

"Outside there’s a box car waiting / Outside the family stew / Out by the fire breathing / Outside we wait ‘til face turns blue / I know the nervous walking / I know the dirty beard hangs / Out by the box car waiting / Take me away to nowhere plains / There is a wait so long / Here comes your man"

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Shit sandwich.

Shit sandwich.

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11th Dimension

Julian Casablancas

It’s been one shit sandwich after another following The Strokes’ 2nd album, but given that lead singer Julian Casablancas will be at Coachella and given that I’m a sucker for artists who meant something to me in my 20s, I’ll probably check out his set at weekend 2. I just hope I don’t hate myself too much for doing so when he ends up playing all solo material and no Strokes songs.

"Drop your guard, you don’t have to be smart all of the time / I got a mind full of blanks / I need to go somewhere new fast / And don’t be shy, oh no, at least deliberately / No one really cares or wanders why anymore / Oh I got music, coming outta my hands and feet and kisses”

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Childs Play by SZA (Feat. Chance the Rapper)

This song’s slow build pays off around minute 1:45 when Chance the Rapper delivers one of his most fleshed out verses since Acid Rap. I can’t recall the last time there was so much interest in an artist’s trickling output. Seems like any time any new verse or chorus or cough by Chance becomes available people flock to Youtube to have a listen. Hell, at SXSW this year Chance literally closed the club down when the Austin fire marshall shut down one of his sets due to venue overcrowding. America has a fever and the only cure is more Chance the Rapper.

"I got L’s on my record / Weed on the vinyl / Keys open doors when them keys is albino / Now knock on my door when my stars is a Lionel / I’ve been fishing for a minute for a minnow / Only I know that a pawn is a trade / And a rookie for a castle like tuition for a final / Playin’ hooky for a tassle, spend a minute on the minor / Winds on my window / Ash on my skin, when the record low temps for the wind blow / Only write rhythm to the tardiest of tempos / Only ride shotgun when the car is a limo / Y’ar see / I crowd surf in a cypher / Scuba in my shower, take an Uber to my neighbors / Used to pay the piper, till peter picked it better / Now the first thing you should tell is where the hell is all the paper / But memories keep coming back / All the nights that we used to laugh / Wanna know how I used to was, how I used to was”

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Kiss Me On The Bus

The Replacements

An ode to young love (and possibly public transportation) from The Replacements. Can’t wait to see this legendary band reunited at Coachella 2014.

"On the bus, everyone’s looking forward / On the bus, I am looking forward / And it really ain’t okay / I might die before Monday / They’re all watching us / Kiss me on the bus / Kiss me on the bus / Oooo, if you knew how I felt now / You wouldn’t act so adult now / Hurry hurry, here comes my stop”

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Too Many Rappers (feat. Nas)

Beastie Boys

Nas was a special guest on this track from Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, the Beastie Boys’ final studio album. No word yet if Nas will perform this track with a hologram of Adam Yauch at Coachella weekend 2.

"Ladies and gents attention, Nas in the house / With Beastie Boys, we can turn it out / Perpetrators, we can point ‘em out / So if you got somethin’ on your mind, let it out / Yo, I been in the game since before you was born / I might still be emceein’ even after you’re gone / Strange thought, I know, but my skills still grow / The 80s, the 90s, 2000s, and so / On and on until the crack of dawn / Until the year 3000 and beyond / Stay up all night, and I emcee and never die / 'Cause death is the cousin of sleep”

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Jay-Z, like his wife Beyonce, crashed Coachella weekend 1. Hova performed “Dead Presidents II” and “Where I’m From” with Nas.

Jay-Z, like his wife Beyonce, crashed Coachella weekend 1. Hova performed “Dead Presidents II” and “Where I’m From” with Nas.