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Sheezus by Lily Allen

I don’t Kanye West is gonna see the humor in this. New Lily Allen record, also called Sheezus, coming May 5.

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Arcade Fire Second Line with Beck and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Coachella 2014

I just returned from my first (and likely last) Coachella experience. More on that later, but right now I want to share a truly memorable moment that occurred on the last night of the festival. To close out their 90-minute set, Arcade Fire launched into the Dixie Cups’ “Iko Iko" accompanied by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and led a second line into the crowd and around the nearby festival grounds. Beck and Win Butler waded through the audience singing through bullhorns (complete with police siren sound effects). If you look closely in the video you can see the two bullhorns floating above the crowd. It was truly splendid way to close out an amazing performance by one of my all-time favorite bands.

More highlights from Coachella 2014 coming soon. All video by @fragmentofalyric

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Girl by Jamie XX

This is a new song by Jamie XX, 1/2 of the XX - a very trippy and atmospheric tune with vocals so distorted that it almost sounds ambient.

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Unthought Known

Pearl Jam

One of my favorite post-90s Pearl Jam tracks - which is saying something because Vedder and company’s output after No Code has been spotty at best. This was a Target only release that still isn’t available on streaming services so enjoy it here, kids.

"All the thoughts you never see / You are always thinking / Brain is wide, the brain is deep / Oh, are you sinking? / Feel the path of every day / Which road you taking? / Breathing hard, making hay / Yeah, this is living / Look for love in evidence / That you’re worth keeping / Swallowed whole in negatives / It’s so sad and sickening / Feel the air up above / Oh, pool of blue sky / Fill the air up with love / All black with starlight / Feel the sky blanket you / With gems and rhinestones / See the path cut by the moon / For you to walk on”

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The Suburbs

Arcade Fire

A song Win Butler dedicated to those who are “really in love” last night at Coachella.

"In the suburbs I / I learned to drive / And you told me we’d never survive / Grab your mother’s keys we’re leaving / You always seemed so sure / That one day we’d be fighting / In a suburban war / Your part of town against mine / I saw you standing on the opposite shore / But by the time the first bombs fell / We were already bored / We were already, already bored / Sometimes I can’t believe it / I’m movin’ past the feeling / Sometimes I can’t believe it / I’m movin’ past the feeling again"

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Arcade Fire sure knows how to put on a show. In chronological order, here are the highlights:

  • A Phaft Dunk (what Win Butler called the Daft Punk looking dudes who came on stage at the beginning of the set) cameo
  • Sexy gay man (bears to be exact) dance crew
  • Radiohead-looking disco suit man interpretive dance
  • Regine Chassagne singing on stage set in the crowd while death looms behind her
  • Beck guest vocalist on Prince’s “Controversy”
  • Confetti!
  • A 2nd line through the crowd and the Coachella grounds led by the Preservation Jazz Hall band

All this and they put on a great show - even some the songs from their hit or miss latests record sounded great. Truly an amazing way to end my Coachella 2014. All photos by @whatthekids.

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Charlie Chazz and Rapping Ralph by Duck Sauce

If you have any energy left to get on the dance floor day 3 of Coachella for a 10:30 PM set, then you’re clearly on meth. If this describes you then head over to the Sahara tent to close out Coachella 2014 with EDM superstars Duck Sauce.

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Afterlife by Arcade Fire

The last act on the main stage for 2014 is straight from Quebec-by-way-of-Houston. Yup, it’s Arcade Fire time!

"Afterlife, I think I saw what happens next / It was just a glimpse of you, like looking through a window / Or a shallow sea / Could you see me? / And after all this time / It’s like nothing else we used to know / After all the hangers-on are done hanging on to the dead lights / Of the afterglow / I’ve gotta know"

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Rumors of Chance the Rapper’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. He is expected to make a speedy recovery although he did have to cancel his performance at Coachella today.

Rumors of Chance the Rapper’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. He is expected to make a speedy recovery although he did have to cancel his performance at Coachella today.

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Chain Smoker

Chance The Rapper

THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP PLAYING NOW! UPDATE: Chance the Rapper had to cancel due to illness. Instead of watching him perform, I got to hear about what an idiot I am for wanting to see him live from a couple of Chance-hating Twitter trolls. Pretty much exactly the opposite of what I wanted to occur.

"Somebody pray for the God, oh lord / I wonder what Michael’s on / Son jammin’ to his shit / Rappin’ trappin’ trippin’ ‘cid / And sniffing glue and chewing Vicodin / Shoulda died- yelling YOLO was a lie / And you a liar wonder why you wanna die so young / You and I look just alike / And I’m afraid that this one right here / Might be the last time that I write a song / Lot of niggas wanna go out with a bang / But I ain’t tryna go out at all / So I ain’t tryna go out at all / Got a lot of ideas still to throw out the door / Last chance joint gotta be a dance joint / From an introspective drugged out standpoint / Throw bands joint, wanna hold hands joint / Old school for my own old man joint”

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Don't Break The Needle

J Roddy Walston & The Business

Time for J Roddy Walston and The Business’s druggy southern bar rock at the outdoor stage here at Coachella 2014.

"I bet you sick lick forcep and you’re tiny in red / Elevate your tricep you’re a martyr in bed / Sitting on a gold mine, shooting up the old time / Cleaning up the refuse of your plaid shirt and coke lines / Now I’ve been pulling thread doing all kinds of evil/ I know you hate me baby but don’t break the needle lady”

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Do To Me by Trombone Shorty

New Orleans in the house!

"I know you came here to move / Shown up tonight so the show improve / I know you feel so girl when you’re feelin’ the groove / And I can show you how it’s done / Hold on, not so fast / You got to feel and make the fire last / You wanna feel it from me, I wanna feel it from you / I say what you gonna do? / What you gonna do to me? / What I’m gonna do to you / I bet you’ll like it / What you gonna do to me? / What I’m gonna do to you / I bet you’ll like it"

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Coachella Mashups by John Beaver

Bay area EDM rising star kicks off weekend 2, day 3 at Coachella 2014. Here’s a new slogan suggestion for this festival - Coachella, ever wonder what it’s like to be at a rave at 11:30 in the morning?